Maude Latour is Spinning Cylones

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Maude Latour

Color me intrigued when I come across a pop star named Maude, for several reasons including the famous 70’s TV show starring Bea Arthur that I’ve never seen but most certainly stan.

The Artist

Maude Latour (sounds so fancy even typing it) was born in Sweden (because of course she was) and attended school in London, Hong Kong, and New York. To date, she has released three extended plays titled Starsick (2019), Stangers Forever (2021), and 001 (2022) and is signed to Warner Records.

The Song

‘Cyclone’ was written by Maude Latour, and Michael Adubato and comes in at 3:37 and is featured as the seventh track on her third EP ‘001’. The 3:37 time is really doing it for me because it is the foundation of a solid pop song and more importantly, a song that isn’t just about a ‘catchy’ chorus we listen to four times in a 2:22 time span (looking at you Mae Stephens).

From here I want to take a step back and have you think about how foolish we all were with our first loves. That little glimmer of innocence before we all inevitably became jaded (or maybe it is just me). The lyrics portray me in the summer of 2008 “Tell you life is so long, even if I’m dead wrong love you til I’m long gone”. That is oh so typically me, I don’t even halfway remember what that dude’s face looked like, much less the feelings I most certainly will never feel again.

Maude is giving me that, she is feeling it, her birthdate conveniently isn’t listed on Wikipedia, and that may be a smart idea. I assume she is age 20(ish) and really living her summer 2008.

The Conclusion

Everybody loves a good pop song, Maude is giving me a good pop song, she is additionally giving me a cool pop star name that just rolls off the tip of my tongue. Say it with me ‘Maude Latour’, now say it with a French accent (yes, I remember she’s Swedish). I am going to put Maude on my ‘watch’ list because I think she is capable of amazing things in the future. Did I forget to mention that between the release of her 2nd EP and her 3rd EP she casually (like every pop star does) graduated with a Psychology degree from Columbia University? Yass queen. Sorry. Pop song! Good. Must listen!

Check out more about Maude on her official website!

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