Mel C and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes United

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Melanie C & Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Former Spice Girl Melanie C (known as Sporty Spice) and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes from TLC got together and recorded a song for Melanie’s debut album.

Melanie C and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes did the dang thing with their 2000 release “Never Be The Same Again”.

The Song

How do I begin to describe this song? Well, it was released as the album’s third single. The prior singles Goin’ Down’ and Northern Star both peaked at #4 on the UK Singles Chart. While good, this chart position would be a lot to swallow coming off the back of a girl group who hit #1 time after time with each single (Except “Stop” which we have previously discussed as having been robbed, and then of course “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” which got to where it deserved to be).

‘Never Be The Same Again’ changed the trajectory of the ‘Northern Star’ album, the song accurately showcased the voice that we love from Mel, and the smooth rap flow that we love from Lisa. The song peaked at #1 in the UK Charts and became the first of two consecutive #1 singles from Melanie’s debut album. The song was the highest-charting song for Lisa as a solo artist prior to her untimely passing.

The song describes a situation that we’re all too familiar with. Regaining a spark in a relationship once it’s ended. In the words by Katy Perry, it’s never really over. A sentiment Sporty and Left Eye sang about nearly two decades ago.

I thought that we would just be friends
Things will never be the same again
It’s just the beginning it’s not the end
Things will never be the same again
It’s not a secret anymore
Now we’ve opened up the door
Starting tonight and from now on
We’ll never, never be the same again

The Conclusion

The uniting of two girl groups is iconic in every generation, and this was a phenomenal track, and I am so glad that I am so glad that Lisa had the ability to be part of. This track and ‘I Turn To You’ also gave Virgin Records the sales they needed to keep Melanie on as an artist, but in true record company fashion, they did drop her from the label following the release of her second album ‘Reason’.

Really…. things will never be the same again (regardless)!

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