MH drops new single “Act Hard”

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Saint Paul based rapper MH has dropped their first single in over a year, “Act Hard,” and the high energy beat is backed by a great vocal delivery. The track is a modern Rap vocal paired with a pop-friendly beat. The structure also follows that of a pop-song, and “Act Hard” blends these two worlds in a really cool way.

The track features rappers CyaDrew and Everett and was produced by Marquan Harper (MH) and Davansh Rastogi (Dvl). The festival-ready track was mastered by Josh Morrisby and if it gets into the eyes of the right people, this could have a summer moment. When asked to describe Act Hard, MH said;

“‘ACT HARD’ is a high-energy hyperpop track that blends elements of rap and trap with electronic beats and catchy, anthemic hooks. The lyrics revolve around the themes of rebellion, self-discovery, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world. The song is driven by a pulsating beat that drives the listener forward, while the vocals are delivered with a mix of confidence and vulnerability”

Serving as a self-proclaimed come-back, MH sets a high bar, but based on his pervious releases (checkout “Fly“, one that he is sure to top again and again.

Act Hard” is now available on all digital and streaming platforms; if you’re in the mood for some good, happy music… Definitely give MH’s latest release a listen.

Listen Now:

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