Mia Mormino is a “Crybaby” and She Doesn’t Care

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Mia MorminoI am a huge sucker for a catchy pop song and Mia Mormino really came through with the dark-pop track , Crybaby. The Los Angeles native is a pop star in the making and her impressive resume is boasts 1M+ Spotify streams and 6.5M+ YouTube views and it’s easy to see why; she makes fantastic music.

Crybaby is an upbeat, anthemic pop track about watching everyone and everything around you find success; and you’re stagnant. The songs’ theme reminds me of Rachel Stevens’ “Some Girls,” and a fun track about getting what you want will always have a place in my heart. Why can’t I get what I want when I want it? I honestly ask myself this daily.

Why can’t I get what I want when I want it
Is there something I don’t see
F*** being good
I don’t care that I’m showing
The crybaby within me

The chorus is an ear worm, after one listen you will 100% find yourself chanting this mantra in your head over and over again. Beyond the impressive production and hooks, Mormino’s vocals are a clear standout. There is a power behind the soft delivery that comes off like a school-yard chant.

The Karo Moralyan Produced track, originally released on February 10th, is a contender for my favorite pop track of the 1st quarter. I really enjoy how its repeat factor, the drop into the chorus hits just right. And again, the “let me do what I want and leave me alone” vibe is something that any pop fan is going to love.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of advice…

I’m the first to say
If life’s not going your way
Then it’s on you to make some change

Check out Crybaby now; available on all DSPS.

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