Michael Chap Edward releases “Mary’s in Love”

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Michael Chap Edward, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles has released his first single of 2023, “Mary’s in Love“.  The track is a throwback to the 60s and 70s. While the song is not something you typically would hear on the radio, it belongs in the world.

Michael Chap EdwardMichael Chap Edward provides nostalgia while conquering deep topics.

Mary’s in Love” is a song about substance abuse, hardship, and co-dependency. But, if you aren’t paying attention to the lyrics you would think this is a happy tune. With the melody being upbeat, it gives the listener a chance to deal with heavy issues without a dark cloud over their head.

The world of recording in 2023.

Michael Chap Edward got a taste of how recording happens in a world always connected, via the internet.

“Recording this tune was an interesting venture, into how things can be done these days. I would write the melodies and parts on my Ipad, and proceed to provide them to other musicians. They would record the parts and send them back via wav file. Myself and my producer would piece the parts together, and alas the final product.” – Michael Chap Edward

The final product turned out really well. From the first note, I had another song in my head that it reminded me of. I sat listening for a few minutes and let the song take me away. I ended up at Fenway Park. For those that do not know, the Boston Red Sox plays the same song every night during the 8th-inning. (Sorry… I’m a baseball fan.) That song… “Sweet Caroline” by Niel Diamond.

While, Michael Chap Edward lists his main influences as Elton John, Elo, The Beatles, Jellyfish, The Lemon Twigs, Guided by Voices, and Big Star, I wonder if he had Niel Diamond in mind while he wrote “Mary’s in Love“.

If you love a good throwback or if you are like me and can’t get enough of the 60s and 70s, check out Michael Chap Edward. “Mary’s in Love” is streaming now.

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