Miley Cyrus wants us to join her in the “Endless Summer Vacation”

The Genre-hopping artist finds some comfort

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Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is a chameleon. Her desire to ditch her Disney status was very clear in every move she has ever made as “Miley.” But, that is who she is; Leslie confirmed. Her breakout record (which is not her debut, “Breakout”) was 2013’s BANGERZ. The promotional performances and imagery made it so that even if Disney wanted to, they couldn’t hire her again. At least not for a very long time. Since, she has released one of the most chaotic set of records I have ever seen; some of them are fantastic but none help define “who” is Miley.

Endless Summer Vacation is the first time, in a long time, that it sounds like Miley knows who she is and it’s coming across without her having to define it with every move she makes. She can just exist as Miley, who is an incredibly passionate vocalist with the ability to craft and carry an amazing pop song.

The record begins with the undeniable classic “Flowers” and I miss the days where the lead single was also the first track on the record, it really helps you dive into the world completely. I’ve already talked about how much I love this record, but, it puts me in the right mood to accept what is next.

Jaded is fantastic, the hooks work and the vocals on the chorus are out of this world. She croons;

You’re lonely now and I hate it

She is not unfamiliar with a public love affair. From her very public relationship with Liam Hemsworth and the “rebound” that was Cody Simpson. One can assume this record is Cyrus getting all of those feelings out of her mind and chest; which ultimately allows her to release those feelings and let them live in a song that can take its own shape and meaning.

Rose Colored Lenses has a looseness that music from the ’60s had. It’ easy to listen to and keeps your attention. This is also the track that clearly gave the record its’ name. The chorus feels flowy, something that makes you feel and light. The dream that you can look at any situation in anyway and find, and keep, your own happiness is felt.

One track that I do feel is misplaced is Handstand; I absolutely love the intro, I have no idea what to expect… and that’s what makes music exciting. I was hopeful that IF we didn’t just get a spoken word song it would turn into something that not one single human could have anticipated. But, unfortunately, it hits a “Dead Petz” vibe, and not in the best way.

Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) is a technically perfect pop track. Sia is amazing at creating something that the masses can latch onto and it’s great to hear Miley’s voice with one of her “all over the place” tracks; to sing a Sia song, you need to be able to… sing. It’s just a tad bit unforgettable.

Overall; this record is great. The confidence and comfort the artist, who most of us have grown up with, is inspiring. She is setting a tone for all Millennials and Gen-Z to enjoy life; regardless of the crazy or love-loss you can experience.

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