Mirnaz drops “God Complex”

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MirnazMirnaz has released the infectious “God Complex,” and the club-ready track is one that should be on your radar. The track boasts about manifesting the things they deserve; and their “complex problems.” It’s one that a lot of us can relate to, we are all the main-character in our own lives’ and that can often bleed into the expectations we place on others.

This is the “official” version of the track, which was originally released as an acoustic track in 2022; and this version brings the song a new level of life. It makes sense that Mirnaz is referring to this as the official, because it makes sense and sounds larger than life. The song could easily exist in the gay clubs or on indie-college radio programs. The beat and melody are guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Mirnaz also had an official note to her fans and listeners;

“Hi, this is the official version of GOD COMPLEX. This song helped me reflect on my mistakes, learn from them, and forgive my past
self. My hope is that if I express my complexities instead of letting them manifest, life will let time simplify them 🙂 – Mirnaz”

My favorite thing about the track are the vocals; Mirnaz has a beautiful, deep and strong voice that glides through the delivery like a seasoned-pro. There is a unique sound to her voice, but the confidence in her range comes across beautifully on “God Complex.”

So do yourself a favor and give this track a listen today; it’ll fit perfect in any summer “night out” playlist, in our opinion.

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