Morgan Wallen breaks Spotify record with “One Thing At a Time”

The most-streamed country album in a single day by a male artist.

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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen has become the most-streamed male country artist after the release of his album, “One Thing At a Time.” With 52.29 million streams not only did Wallen break the record for male country artists, but he also became the biggest album debut for 2023.

“One Thing At a Time” is a triple LP.  With 36 songs on the album, it is no wonder that Morgan Wallen broke streaming records. At a 1 hour 52 minute running time, the daunting task of sitting down and listening to the album becomes a chore. While diehard fans will obviously listen from start to finish, is it plausible to release this length of an album in the time of singles, 30-second clips on social media, and a pick and choose your playlist era?

I’ve listened to a few songs on the album and eventually, I will make it through the entire thing. But, my attention span was not built for a 36-song album. 12 songs? Absolutely. This might be perfect for his fanbase, but it isn’t for me. Sorry, Morgan Wallen.

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