“My Kind of Country” celebrates inclusivity

Apple TV+'s new country music reality competition is the most diverse on air

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My Kind of Country launches on March 24th on Apple TV+. The series, which is Executive Produced by Kacey Musgraves and Reese Witherspoon, will follow 12 contestants through the competition. The Talent Scouts Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, and Orville Peck will travel the globe to search for the next Country music star.

My Kind of Country

Essentially, the winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime deal from Apple Music. They do not go into details about what the winner gets beyond exposure and support. But we all know that Apple has a lot of money to put behind the winner’s career.

My Kind of CountryMy Kind of Country | Contestants

Jimmie Allen’s Artists:

Ale Aguirre | Chihuahua, Mexico

Ale infuses herself into her music and bilingual lyrics with the mariachi, norteño, banda, and other sounds she heard growing up in Mexico. At the age of 16, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and is now on the way to establishing herself as an independent singer-songwriter with a loyal following she’s gained from her popular YouTube channel.

Dhruv Visvanath | New Delhi, India

Dhruv, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter, and producer, started his musical journey at the age of seven. At age 16 his father passed away which led him to focus more energy on songwriting, allowing him to express what he was going through. He wrote the score for two independent films with Vishal Bhardwaj on “Sonchiriya” and A.R. Rahman on “Blinded by the Light.” With his guitar in hand and his heart on his sleeve, Dhruv is steadily building the love of country music in his home city of New Delhi.

Camille Parker | Durham, North Carolina

Raised by her grandparents, Camille credits her passion for music to her grandfather, who introduced her to country music. After growing up in the church choir, Camille jumped into the industry by doing session recordings for pop and R&B, before dedicating herself fully to country music. She dreams of inspiring young Black girls to achieve their dreams anywhere, especially in the country music industry.

Justin Serrao | Johannesburg, South Africa

Justin started out playing punk and alternative rock, but the foreign country music he heard on the radio and his father’s musical tastes introduced Justin to the music he plays today. Merging his rock sound with country influences was about following his passion, even if it meant turning South Africans into country music enthusiasts one at a time.

Mickey Guyton’s Artists:

Ashlie Amber | Nashville, Tennessee

A longtime singer, Ashlie worked for years before finding her way as a cruise line performer. She began singing at the age of six, and after the tragic loss of her father when she was young, music became Ashlie’s outlet and pathway back to a better place.

Chuck Adams | Nashville, Tennessee

From growing up in mostly white neighborhoods to his different musical styles, Chuck never really fit in. Chuck initially found success as a writer in rap music and got signed to a label, but after he got dropped in 2011, he took it as a sign to follow his true path in the genre he loved — classic country. A perfectionist that gets hung up on every detail, Chuck is here to learn to let go.

The Betsies — Zel and Landi Degenaar | Cape Town, South Africa

Afrikaans sisters Zel and Landi grew up in a tiny mining town called Witbank, listening to their parent’s record collections and singing in their church choir. As they grew up they would jam together and after moving to Cape Town they started performing together. At times they felt like outsiders for being passionate about country music in South Africa, but they are passionate about embodying American culture and the music they love.

Wandile | Johannesburg, South Africa

Raised in a family of music lovers in East London, South Africa, Wandile was more of an athlete than a musician and was a professional rugby player before his musical journey began when he picked up a guitar in 2010. Wandile is a fan of analog storytelling, where he uses his musical viewpoint to reframe harsh memories into better ones.

Orville Peck’s Artists:

Alisha Pais | Goa, India

Alisha is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Mumbai/Bombay but returned to Goa, India, during the pandemic in search of solace. She has been singing her entire life and started performing at the age of 16. Alisha writes and performs songs with an unflinching rawness and hopes her music will bring joy to people’s lives and help them connect to their most authentic selves.

The Congo Cowboys — Julie Sigauque, Simon Attwell, and Chris Bakalanga | Cape Town, South Africa

The Congo Cowboys is a South African group that blends country music with the music of Africa, bringing the banjo full circle and returning the instrument to its African roots. They perform in English and Lingala, the official language of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They simply hope their music brings people to the dance floor and gets them moving as their diverse sounds and cultures intermingle.

Ismay Hellman | Petaluma, California

Ismay is nonbinary singer-songwriter. When they’re not jamming to country and bluegrass with family and friends in the barn, Ismay tends to the family ranch in Petaluma. Musically, they struggled with fitting into typical country music, but the sound and vibes of nature are infused into their unique voice, bringing a fresh perspective to classic bluegrass tones.

Micaela Kleinsmith | Cape Town, South Africa

Micaela grew up watching singing competition shows and dreaming of being on stage. Bullied heavily as a child, music became Micaela’s escape and eventually became a way to make friends. She started writing songs at the age of fourteen and continued to rise as an artist, eventually landing a spot on South Africa’s Idols in 2016.

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