Natalie Clark is on a “Mission”

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Natalie ClarkNatalie Clark has dropped her latest single, “Mission.” The cinematic pop track grows at a pace that creates a fantastic power anthem. Natalie currently lives in LA, where she wrote and recorded the single with producer Todd Spadafore. Originally from Glasgow, the LA based singer is one to look out for. From her incredibly beautiful and smooth vocals to the writing, this is a song that I could slip into any of my playlists.

“Mission” has a masterful finish, the vocals and beat are mixed to perfection and allow you to fully soak into the track. I love the space in the song, it let’s the beat and lyrics live fully. The adlibs that live in the verses also add a cathedral feeling that gives the record even more life.

Natalie has been making great strides in her career having been named one of KTLA’s “Artists to Watch” and performing at the Greek Theatre in LA. “Mission” is the latest release in a slew of fantastic singles, but this one really stands out to me. It sounds like a radio hit because of it’s unique approach to a successful formula.

I’m on a mission
Nothing can stop me
Reaching high on the rise
It’s the phoenix in me

Do yourself a favor and give this track a listen today, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience.

“Mission” is now available on all DSPs.

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