NAYTiiVE and his “Summer Soul”

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NAYTiiVE, a UK-based artist, has released a song that will fuel all the dancing in clubs this summer. “Summer Soul” was released on the 29th of April. It brings a much-needed reprieve to the music we have been hearing lately. What we really need to do is get up and dance. “Summer Soul” literally makes it impossible for you not to want to shake your groove thing.


A song that would have out-performed any others in the 1970s, does an amazing job at bringing a fresh take on funk, pop, and soul. I can picture NAYTiiVE on a stage at the front of a jazz club, with a full band behind him, dancing while performing. Move over anyone that attempts to do that now, you lost your chance.

While this is a more updated version of the type of music we heard in the 70s, I get similar vibes from Earth, Wind & Fire, The Trammps, and The Jackson 5. NAYTiiVE has an incredible vocal ability. There is a slight rasp behind his power, that is able to hit multiple octaves.

“The rumors are true guys, life is really hard. 80% of people are working a job they hate, doing crazy hours for not enough pay, all to feed the pockets of the rich man at the top. But around the end of May heading into June time, the sun starts to shine on us in the UK and our minds start to change. An overwhelming sense of happiness fills the country and it’s simply beautiful. Life becomes lighter. ‘Summer Soul’ is all about channeling that energy all year long. Living the life you deserve.” – NAYTiiVE

NAYTiiVENAYTiiVE shows us his “Summer Soul”

This infectious melody has yet to leave my head since listening to it. It is primed for a high-octane live performance. Which with NAYTiiVE’s charisma, is a treat I wish was making its way to the States. For the last year, NAYTiiVE has been performing throughout the London area. His performances are influenced by some of the best like Bruno Mars, Jamiroquai, Parcels, and Prince. While the world is still slowly recovering from the pandemic and many tumultuous times, NAYTiiVE is still out there bringing joy and energy to crowds in the UK.

Make sure to check out “Summer Soul” on all streaming platforms, and if you are in the UK, try to make it to one of NAYTiiVE’s shows. I am guaranteeing you will have a great time.

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