NEO 10Y has been craving God on “Oneness (Who We Are)”

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NEO 10YNEO 10Y has dropped their latest single, “Oneness (Who We Are)” and the anthemic pop track is fantastic. The synth heavy dance track speaks on what it means to be connected to ones-self and being more than okay with that. On top of the release of the single, they have also dropped the visual for the video which serves a ’90s-inspired vibe. NEO 10Y looks like they belong in “AQUA” with their retro-look mixed with their interesting styling.

The release of “Oneness (Who We Are)” celebrates the 7th year anniversary of the inception of NEO 10Y; hence the 7/7 release date. They spoke on the significance to the release date and said;

“It’s my 7th year as NEO 10Y this Summer, I wanted to release a song that encompasses my message of love and selfrealization so that we can help manifest a protopian dimension of peace together.

NEO 10Y is an up-coming artist but has already been solidifying their position in the industry having been recognized by publications like Billboard, Paper, Rolling Stone, BBC, L’Officiel, them and Dazed. It’s not too surprising once you dive into their work; they are a new and exciting talent that is taking pieces of pop that are familiar and adding a NEO 10Y twist to them.

One of our favorite pieces about this track is in the unapologetic desire to be themselves; I can digest the whole vision because the pieces fit together to paint a clear picture. If you are into those darker-pop tracks, be sure to give this one a stream today!

“Oneness (Who We Are)” is now available world wide.

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