Nessa Barrett Drops Unexpected New Single “lie”

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Nessa Barrett, a talented rising gen-z pop star, has dropped her new single – “lie”.

Barrett first gained popularity on Tiktok, with content predominantly consisting of lip-syncing and dance videos, but has since transitioned to creating her original music.

Since the release of her debut single in 2020, she’s earned herself a massive social media following and driven her career to new heights.

“lie” is haunting and emotional slow-burn pop ballad, produced by her frequent collaborator Evan Blair, who’s also working with the likes of Anne-Marie, UPSAHL and Dove Cameron.

‘As long as it’s a lie’

Lyrically, the song is raw and dark portrayal of heartbreak and the struggle to come to terms with it.

you can take her home 
she can get you high
you can hold her heart
even after you broke mine
you can kiss her softly
never make her cry
you can tell her that you love her
as long as it’s a lie 

She pleads for love that may never be fulfilled as she continues to hold onto her hope for reconciliation.

Barrett’s soft voice over the somber tunes is beautiful but almost feels too gentle and I can’t help but want more drive and energy to unleash the burst of emotion and vulnerability.

However, the song is a touching representation of Nessa’s music and the deeply authentic themes she explores in her lyrics, and proves she’s not just a girl with impressive fanbase but we can expect to see more from her in the future.

“lie”, from her upcoming EP ‘hell is a teenage girl’ is now available worldwide.

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