“New Beginnings” / “Without You” by Kapture

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Kapture - New Beginnings

There is something to be said about Kapture’s new release “New Beginnings” and it’s not like other songs I have raved about in the past, it’s just better.

“New Beginnings” is the debut song from Los Angles-based singer Kapture (Gabrielle Lambro), over the course of the summer she will release five singles, beginning with “New Beginnings”, and I honestly couldn’t think of a better debut single title!

The Song

The song features a mixture of Kapture singing and rapping, both of which showcase her impressive talent that we simply cannot get enough of. The track was written with Kapture and Sam J Garfield about the ever-alluring dream of a fresh start and the beautiful promise of things getting better.

The song’s topic would be exactly what you would assume from a track called “New Beginnings”, but it goes a bit deeper than that! The track features themes of hurt and betrayal from a positive perspective! The song is uplifting with a cheery baseline and empowered by silky, yet strong, synths and a powerful and commanding voice!

But Wait… There’s More

As we previously mentioned Kapture is releasing five singles over the summer (and keep in mind summer doesn’t start until June 21 so you know the best is yet to come), and we already have two of the five singles. Earlier this week, Kapture released her second single titled “Without You” and this song has me in all of my feels (in the absolute best way).

“Without You” tells the story of heartbreak in the most romantic way possible. The track is a step back from “New Beginnings” that showcases the L.A. natives range.

The Conclusion

I say you keep your eyes on Kapture as there is a clear connection between the music and lyricism that have been displayed in the two tracks we have so far! I think we have a rising star on our hands!

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