Ninali finally feels “Alive” with new release

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Ninali has released her newest single, “Alive.” With catchy hooks, and deep melodic vocals, “Alive” is a celebration of life. Written and co-produced by Ninali herself, it is based on her own experience. Nanali realized that fear was holding her back. The pursuit of her passions and dreams was never achievable until she let go of that fear.


Who is Ninali?

European singer, Nanali has always been fascinated by music. She started singing and writing songs when she was a teenager. Because of her hard work and talent, Ninali was signed to a Belgium indie record label at just 18 years old in 2011. Her first single “Lovedrunk” was released and earned plays throughout many Belgium radio stations. Radio 2, one of the biggest Belgium radio stations, selected it for one of their compilation albums.

The following year, her next song, “Millionaire,” was released. The breezy pop song reached number 34 on the Utratrip charts in Belgium. She was also able to perform at multiple music venues throughout the country. She then took a long hiatus to focus on finding inspiration (and love, aww!). Now, Ninali is back and ready to pursue her dreams of a successful music career.

Independent Musician = Star

Currently residing in Spain, Ninai is writing songs and studying music production. Prior to this new release of “Alive,” Ninali released her first single since 2012, “Tokyo.” The song is a musical journey of the neon lights of the Japanese capital. In February of this year, she released her single, “Smooth.” “Smooth” is a little sensual, and a lot the story of falling in love.

Make sure you check out “Alive.” Ninali has raw talent. Her songwriting is stellar, along with her production. But what sets her apart is the smooth richness of her vocals. She is one artist you don’t want to sleep on.


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