Paris Hilton and her “Icons Only (DJ Mix)”

The Original "Famous for Being Famous" Star turned DJ is back

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Paris HiltonParis Hilton has one of the largest gay fanbases out there; and it’s because we are in love with the idea of what she represents. Complete autonomy over your choices and the ability to live the life you want with unlimited funds. Now, most of us don’t actually have any of those resources at our disposal the way she does, so we “slive” through her.

Hilton had a quick stint as a pop artist in the mid-2000s when everyone was getting a record deal and a huge budget. That is how “Paris” came to fruition, and to be honest, it’s a really great pop record. It’s not shocking, she had all the tools to make a great record, and she did. But the world, outside of the white-gay-boy community, wanted nothing to do with it. She had two singles, Stars Are Blind and Nothing In This World. Both did well enough, got radio airplay and all that jazz… but the sales were not there to support the budget and it seemed that performing live was not on the agenda, so not tour to recoup the investment. Her solo music career ended as quickly as it started.

Fast forward to the Kardashians taking over her spot in the public eye, she started to DJ. She can make insane money and still live her fun lil life (no matter how many documentaries we get about how hard it is to be Paris, I don’t buy it). So, here we are in 2023 reviewing a DJ mix made; obviously titled “Icons Only.”

The 11-track album has the exact collection of songs you would assume Paris Hilton would listen to; including Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Aqua, Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue. And if you’re into the ultra-girly-bubble-gum-pop world, this is an actually really a nice vibe to have playing in the background while you work or whatever it is that needs a soundtrack to make it less mundane.

Each track is actually just a backing track to Paris saying her famous catchphrases over & over in the most Paris Hilton way possible, and you know what? That is hot, upon further review. The collection of songs is actually a carbon copy of every gay mans “Work out” playlist, from Flowers to I’m Every Woman — like, the lack of mental stability is very clear.

I do get a “Fetch” vibe from “Sliving” — it has not caught on yet it is on almost every track, with that said… I truly can’t be mad at a remix of one of my favorite songs (track 1-11 tbh), it’s actually something I needed without knowing I needed it. She keeps the sentiment of the original track while adding a fresh, poppy take on it and it’s quite refreshing.

The only problem? It’s an Apple Exclusive. While I personally use Apple, I hate these “platform exclusive” projects — it’s such a cheap way of gatekeeping your stuff from people who might really enjoy it.

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