Paris Hilton feels “Lighter” without you

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Paris Hilton

After a kind of lack luster release with “Hot One” Paris came back with a far more better release this time. The song is called “Lighter” and its a collaboration with Steve Aoki. A famous USA DJ. The duo first premiered the track live at Tommorowland 3 months ago. With the official studio version release on October 20.

On collaborating with Aoki. Paris told NME exclusively:

“I immediately loved it right away. I was so excited because our friendship spans over two decades and I am such a huge fan of his music. Every time I’d see him play at a festival or anywhere, I’d be like, ‘Bro, we have to do something together’. So when he called me with the song [Lighter] that Emily Warren (Dua Lipa, Charli XCX) wrote, I was blown away.

The song features Hilton’s signature breathy and sugary vocals over a dreamy EDM/pop beat. I mean its nothing groundbreaking but its sure very nice to the ears. The melody  has the potential to stick in your head for several days. And its also kinda fun to dance to as well.

Lyrically the song is meant to be as the title clearly implies that the Sliving sensation feels so much better without a certain person in her life. She has clearly moved on and feels much more alive.

Finally feel alive, yeah, I will survive
It’s hard to believe that I used to care
You’re not what I need, landed on my feet
You can call my name, but I won’t be there

The music video is a feast for the eyes. Paris can be seen seductevly singing to the song in several pretty outfits. My favorite scene is when she appears on a white dress in what looks like clouds. So angelic.

What do you think of Lighter and its music video? Stream and watch below:

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