Paris Hilton is the “Hot One” on new single

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Paris HiltonParis Hilton is back. And thats HOT!

Its been a very HOT minute since Paris has released new music. However the starlet has had a lot going on recently. Apart from living (or shall we say sliving?) her best socialite life ever. Paris released her autobiography “Paris The Memoir” where she has been very candid about how she became the famous businesswoman she is today and all the abuses she endured as a teenager.

This year she also became a mom to a boy named Phoenix with husband Carter Reum. The “Stars are Blind” singer also performed her first concert ever “Icons Only” to a sold out crowd in LA this month.

But where does Paris stand in the music scene? Well, apart from her debut album in 2006 titled “Paris”, the star has only released a remix project called “Icons Only (DJ Mix)

However that’s about to change very quickly. Rolling Stones exclusively reports that she is working on a brand new album. The first taste of whats to come is a song called “Hot One” . The track is very on brand with what means to be Paris Hilton.

On the lyrics she playfully name drops an entourage of cool people:

“Sage, they the shy one/Zane, the always high one/Tess is the lit one/Brett is the fit one”

sings Hilton on the dance ready track before declaring:

Oh shit, I forgot one! “Me, I’m the hot one”

The mindless pop song which is jam packed with fun electronic beats is appropiate for every gay summer party. However we gotta say that this feels like the weakest track she has released to date.

Talking to Rolling Stones Paris says “Hot One” was born from a production session with DJ Alex Chapman.

“I was instantly inspired and knew we had to make this record,” She adds. “We went into Sunset Sound Studio and ended up recording 3 songs in just one day! It was magic!”

Well we certainly hope those songs are better and that this is just a buzz/hype single to warm people up for her return.

Earlier this week, Hilton teased the single in a commercial for Taco Bell to announce the return of the Volcano Menu, where she answered hotline calls as the “expert on what’s hot.”

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