Paulina Rubio drops “Propiedad Privada”

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Paulina Rubio is having fun dropping stand alone singles nowadays while keeping occupied with several other projects in between. The golden girl previously released party songs like “Me Gusta” (feat Mafio) and “No es mi Culpa” . Its yet unclear if this is for a new album or not. I hope we do get one eventually tho.Her latest record Deseo (Desire) was released in 2018.

This time around she is switching things up releasing a diss track to an ex-lover. The song called “Propiedad Propiedad” (Private Property) has fiery/hateful lines for days. The Mexican singer begs the guy in question to leave her alone and mind his own business.

Debe ser triste tenerlo todo
Y luego verte revolcándote en el lodo
Seguro es triste pero tú te lo buscaste
Y hoy te tienes que aguantar

Ya no me estes buscando
Ya no estes molestando
Ve a buscarte una vida
En verdad
Deberías estar trabajando

In English:

It must be sad to have it all.
And then see you rolling in the mud.
It sure is sad but you asked for it
And today you have to endure it.

Dont look for me anymore.
Dont bother me anymore
Go find yourself a life
Actually you should be working

Sonically the song is quite interesting. It starts with a tropical beat including elements of urban pop and then switches to a Ranchera styled composition. Personally Im not too crazy about it. But overall its a cute tune.

Listen Now:

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