P!nk Releases Less Than Exciting “TRUSTFALL”

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P!nk TRUSTFALLI was a huge fan of P!nk “back in the day”; she was cool and clearly enjoyed starting conversations. Her 2006 hit “Stupid Girls” did make me side-eye; as a fan of those girls just as much, it felt like a “look at me, I’m not a regular girl.” I forgave her because her I’m Not Dead was much more than a label-requested “sassy” lead single.

She has some released some real “classics” at this point; and I know that is rare these days and something most people aren’t used to seeing happen during their time, so they’ll talk sh!t and make jokes about “grocery store music.” It’s all fair, I love that people are provoked by music, whether good or bad, and throughout her career — that has been a constant for Ms. Moore.

Now, in 2023, the mother of two is taking things a little bit slower and really honing in on the Adult Contemporary sound. Millennials might love this record, it feels nostalgic to hear her rasp across beautiful ballads and mixed with some fun dance tracks. P!nk fans? Not so much. It’s not that it’s “bad” music, it’s just boring. I don’t know how many different versions of the same song I can listen to and still appreciate. Love is the easiest and most relatable situation to write and sing about, but… I’m wanting something more.

I would love for P!nk to break out of the mold of Top 40 and needing to be a voice for the “weirdos” when she already accomplished that. The weirdos are out and about, and I truly believe artists like P!nk set the tone for this acceptance. But, at some point, you must either pass the torch or keep things fresh. She doesn’t seem too interested in doing either of those things and “TRUSTFALL” is a perfect example of that.

Normally, I can find a handful of tracks where I’m like “Okay, you know what? Yeah” — but the last two records haven’t been able to catch on. Every track sort of bleeds into the next, but not in a way where you find yourself listening to a record easily, more in a way “wait is this the same song still?” vibe.

The stand out track is “Hate Me”; but once again, it’s nothing new. It’s the exact format P!nk has used in the past to create that high energy, confident feeling. I can’t lie; those will always get me.

While I am going to continue to look out for what she releases next, I think I’m going to just move past those whole era.

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