Pop punk duo davvn are “Depressed in Heaven”

With a theme song like this, I'm starting the support group.

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TikTok sensation davvn (pronounced “dawn”) will surely have another viral hit on their list of many. On April 7th the band released their latest single, “Depressed in Heaven.” The nostalgic pop-punk duo, lead singer McCall Bliss and guitarist Mike Nuzzolo, originally met in college in Boston. While bonding over their love for 2000s pop-punk, davvn was created and the rest is history.

Social Media is the name of the game for davvn

The world of music has changed in the last few years. With COVID, the way people create and share art has to evolve. One thing davvn did was make sure they adapted to the latest trends. TikTok took over as the most popular social media platform during that time. Because of this, the short-form video became what any creator needed to learn. Thankfully, davvn is great at it.


Multiple videos of theirs have gone viral on the platform. Including their remake of Bowling for Soup’s “1985”; an updated version called “2002.” Once that went viral it caught the attention of Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick. The three ended up collaborating and updating the song to include Reddick.

They have quickly amassed over 40k followers after repeatedly going viral. Their music has also been streamed over 1.5 million times on Spotify, and things certainly show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“Depressed in Heaven” is the next viral hit

Lead singer McCall Bliss takes center stage in the accompanying music video, portraying an angel struggling to find happiness in the afterlife. The video is set to premiere the in the next week and promises to be a visual feast for fans of the band.

“Depressed in Heaven” was co-written by davvn, Suzie Buist, and Nick Guttmann, and produced by Andrew J. Gomez. The song is one lead singer McCall has been working towards for a while, the idea of a “pessimistic perfectionist.”

“We let perfect moments slip away too quickly in the present and are always seeking more in the future but it’s extremely difficult to hold onto that feeling in the present, instead letting our emotions and desires get the best of us. We poke holes in our own happiness to the point that we’d probably all still end up depressed in Heaven.” – davvn

Overall, this song is a modern take on some of my favorite hits from the 2000s. The lyrics and instrumentals mesh perfectly together to give McCall’s vocals a chance to shine. Altpop or pop-punk is perfect for this duo, but I would love to hear McCall sing a ballad with some belt to her vocal because she would kill it.

If you are in or around Nashville, try to make it to see davvn live. If not, check out their TikTok, because this is one duo you do not want to be the last to know about.

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