Poppy Wants No Knockoff, Announces New Album

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The multi-genre talent Poppy has just dropped a brand new single ‘Knockoff‘ and announced her fifth studio project Zig – out October 27th.

If you’re familiar with Poppy’s artistry, you know she’s never been afraid to experiment with various genres and sounds. From her early Youtube kawaii – bubblegum pop phase to the dark metal sounds and oftenly omnious lyrics… Poppy’s surreal aesthetic is an ever-evolving fusion of her thought-provoking persona and avant-garde looks.

Her new single is no different.

What is it boy, qu’est ce que c’est

Knockoff‘ is offering us Poppy’s characteristic industrial electric sound with an aggressive synth, but intense hit-pop energy.

Producer credit goes to Ali Payami who’s well respected for working with artists such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Tove Lo or Katy Perry. To add even more exclusivity, the song was co-written by Ian Kirkpatrick, the man behind Dua Lipa’s and Selena Gomez’ most successful singles.

Trailer park or real estate
I can’t take no more mistakes
Polyester hurts my skin
Tell me what you’d wrap me in
Synthetic or genuine

Knockoff‘ express the desire for authenticity and genuine experience in relationships, over something fake and superficial.

The concept of the music video rely around symbolism. And just like majority of Poppy’s videos, it’s as arousing and wicked as Poppy’s image.

We watch a fight for power between 2 characters – a blonde and a dark haired Poppy, both channeling their respective personas. The visuals are filled with tarot cards, symbolism and intense ritualistic-like dance choreo, performed by the dark Poppy. Suspiria anyone?

The video ends with an image of a single sword. In tarot, the sword cards are often associated with chaos and inner conflicts.

Knockoff‘ is the definition of future pop and a step up from her previous metal era. Poppy’s no stranger to pushing the boundaries of conventional pop. After all, the shock element is what this girl thrives on and what gets people talking.

Listen Now:

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