poptoken gets personal on “back home”

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poptokenpoptoken has dropped their latest single “back home” and the track is intriguing, in the best way. The sounds, the vocals… it’s not like anything I’ve heard; but I absolutely love it. The track could be described as avant garde; it doesn’t sound like it comes from America. While poptoken is a New York based artist, his musical influences are inspired by his Russian and Ukrainian roots.

With the on-going war between the countries, “back home” is a power-anthem that speaks on the pain that immigrants can feel when they are forced to experience in-humane treatment like displacement and other tragedies that stop them from going back home.

It’s a powerful message on-top of a art-pop style beat; the vocal delivery has a hint of Lady Gaga inspired-tones that bring a familiar feeling to such a unique track. poptoken gave a quote on the song and what it meant to them;

“back home” is a tribute to the unwavering love and attachment we hold for the places and people that have shaped our identities. The song speaks directly to the hearts of listeners who have experienced the pain of displacement, immigration, or any circumstances that prevent them from going back home.”

On top of dropping the amazing track, poptoken has also shared that a music video will be released later this year for the track. We at Ear Worms are excited to see what that is going to look like.

“back home” is now available world-wide; give it a listen below.

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