Powerhouse Nicki Minaj Announces New Record Label and Drops “Ruby Red Da Sleeze”

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Nicki MinajNicki Minaj excitedly announced that she has started her own record label, teasing that the company’s name will be revealed later. She emphasized her dedication to supporting artists, even those who are not under her management, and promised to go even further for those who sign on with her label. She also revealed that her longtime affiliate, Patty Lauren (aka Patty Duke), will take on an A&R role at the new label.

During Friday’s Queen Radio show, Minaj received encouragement from Republic Records co-president, Wendy Goldstein, to make the announcement on the program. Minaj expressed the desire to make a big announcement and do it right, given her and Goldstein’s positions as female leaders in the music industry.

Minaj plans to diversify her label with a variety of musical acts, stating that the label is not limited to rap or any particular race. She went on to share her experiences with Lil Wayne early in her career, and how he helped her succeed without a formal management agreement. She hopes to do the same for upcoming artists on her label, passionately stating that she will make it her business to support their success.

Recently, Minaj released her first solo single of 2023, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze”, which was distributed through Young Money/Republic Records. The song follows her Billboard Hot 100-topping smash hit “Super Freaky Girl” released last year.

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