Rachel Stevens: Negotiate With Love

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Rachel Stevens

The Introduction

You didn’t really think you’d have me working on a website and not mentioning the Rachel Stevens did you? On this day in 2005, Rachel graced us with the first single from the critically acclaimed second studio album ‘Come and Get It’. I feel like everybody should know who Rachel Stevens is but, for those of you who don’t, she was once in a band called S Club 7 (or something) and they may or may not be reuniting and going on tour (or something) in October.

Following the band’s breakup in 2003, Rachel went straight to work on her debut album ‘Funky Dory’ which was released in September 2003, along side her debut single ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ and was re-released in July 2004 to include ‘Some Girls’ (don’t worry, I have posts saved for these and scheduled on their anniversary dates too).

The Song

‘Negotiate With Love’ is a song that has resonated with me since I first heard it. In fact, I have lyrics for the song tattooed right there on my rib cage and I have no regrets about that. ‘Negotiate With Love’ was written by the Nervo sisters who would go on to work with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Pussycat Dolls, Kesha, and countless other artists, but above all else, Rachel was first!

“Negotiate With Love” comes in at a whopping 3:07, and you know how we feel about longer songs (again looking at you Mae Stephens). According to the ASCAP entry for the song it has an alternate (original?) title of ‘Case Is Closed’, but we’re happy with ‘Negotiate With Love’.

“Could you turn down the track a little bit please”

Well, Rachel, I’m unsure why you would want someone to turn your own song down, but, here I am turning it all the way up. The song peaked at #10 on the UK singles chart, and this is disappointing for any artist given your track record in your previous band for having a string of top 5 singles.

This didn’t stop Rachel and she followed the track up with “So Good” and the immaculate “I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)”, which Rachel is probably saying as she is gearing up to perform for the first time as a solo artist in June at Mighty Hoopla. In case you’re wondering we are flying all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to London, England to experience this beautiful weekend!

The Conclusion

“Negotiate With Love’ will always describe my feelings towards relationships “I don’t negotiate with love“. This may also be the reason why none of my relationships last, but that’s for me and my therapist to work through!

I am also just saying that Hilary Duff has a song called “Between You & Me” featured on her ‘Dignity’ album that has a shockingly similar cover to ‘Come and Get It’ and features the lyrics “My love is not up for negotiation” and I am not saying she was directly influenced…. but I’m also not not saying that!

Listen to ‘Come and Get It’ and boys, do yourself a favor, and put your hand down your trousers… but only touch your testicles (no seriously, check for any unusual lumps or bumps — Rachel said so!)

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