RAYE is a Very Brave Strong Woman

Warning: This video does contain content that may be triggering for some.

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RAYE has released the absolutely incredible visual for her new single “Ice Cream Man.” I don’t think a video and/or song has ever provoked this sort of emotional reaction from me.

The video starts with the very clear warning that the video contains adult themes of sexual abuse; Then, beautiful hums over a beautiful and soft music. The lyrics sound like they were taken from a journal entry, they immediately bring you into the world. She is agitated and anxious as she sings us her story. How, like many other female artists, she was hit up by a male producer to create music; an exhilarating feeling for any new or rising artist; and how he took advantage of her passion and desire to grow as an artist.

Coming like the ice cream man
‘Til I felt his ice cold hands

I think the most haunting lyric may be;

…I guess that proves it, I’m a woman

It’s human nature to react to someones’ pain with concern, love and empathy. Knowing that our world is set up in a way where women are subjected to some of the most inhumane treatment you could imagine and are expected to not only live with it, but deal with it on their own is not only unfair, but unacceptable.

Artists like RAYE start the conversation and expose people to stories that they may never experience, ergo could never understand, and opens the door for actual progress.

There were several moments in this one-take video that caused and audible reaction. When the mens’ hands start groping her over her hoodie, the wedding ring? I mean, it makes the viewer angry on her behalf. The desire to defend her and anyone else from this pain that is 100% avoidable by holding men accountable.

As we come to an end, RAYE somehow gets even more vulnerable and shares that she kept this to herself; lived with this pain while her attacker got to exist. She shares with a community that always doesn’t get the respect they deserve that she sees them and that “Evil has more power over us in the dark than in the light

If you are able to, check out this gorgeous and haunting piece of film;

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