Rita Ora Unveils ”Don’t Think Twice”

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Rita Ora unveils vibrant new dance-pop single ”Don’t Think Twice” from her upcoming album “You & I“.

Throughout her career, the singer/songwriter/actress/fashionista had a consistent string of successful, radio-friendly, chart topping singles. And she’s not slowing down. Her vibrant new song ”Don’t Think Twice” is an exciting proof of that.

”Don’t Think Twice” written and produced by winning team of OAK and Keith Sorrells – a duo often involved with names like Demi Lovato, Lizzo, Little Mix or Nicki Minaj is a guarantee of success.

Musically, the best part comes right away, in a form of unexpected string instruments that set the foundation for the entire song and suck you in. Moving onto the pulsating beats of the chorus, we have no choice but surrender to the song’s insane energy. Yes, this is a soundtrack of carefree moments.

”Love’s a risky bid, play me like roulette, don’t think with your head”

The lyrics weigh in on the unpredictable nature of love. Entering a relationship doesn’t always mean thinking logically, sometimes it’s more about taking chances and going with your guts.

The music video for ”Don’t Think Twice” was directed by Rita’s husband Taika Waititi and shot on beautiful set locations around New Zealand.

The visuals are filled with aura of magic and we see several clear nods to a cult classic – E.T. From the bike riding, through the heavy red lights to the pup stealing a scene and the iconic red hoodie. The video is loaded with easter eggs and symbolism.

We watch confused and scared looking Rita channeling both – Elliott in the bright red hoodie and her inner alien in a white piece – as she sets off on her journey through the woods. The vivid color contrast against the magical landscape is one of my favorite things about the video.

As she finally makes her way out, the world seems to transform before our very eyes again. The last shot is of her meeting her husband on a gloomy beach, both wearing their matching red hoodies.

Heaven is a shot in the dark
So shoot with your heart
And don’t think twice, nah, nah

One thing Rita Ora is famous for, she knows how to bring that sense of euphoria in people and she’s gonna bring it good.

”Don’t Think Twice” is the third single from the upcoming album You and I, out July 14th.

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