Ryan Yingst begs, “Please Don’t Burn The Sage”

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Ryan Yingst is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer based in Nashville TN. “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” is his latest release. The track explores the relationship between love and grief. In this honest and raw cut, Ryan Yingst puts a spin on a dark topic, making it more relatable to the listener.

Ryan Yingst

Ryan Yingst flips the script and is haunting his loved ones

The story behind “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” comes from a year of heavy loss for Ryan. He lost both friends and family and used writing this song to work out his feelings about losing those people. The lyrics and heart behind the performance show that not all ghosts would be unwelcome. It would be nice to know that the presence of your loved ones is with you and that you can feel their love in return.

“This song was my way of exploring life after death. When we lose someone we still need we find that ghosts can be a welcome part of our life. I have a deep personal connection to that feeling.” – Ryan Yingst

Sometimes the original isn’t always better

Ryan let us know that originally this song was recorded at a famed studio in Nashville. The producer and band behind him were also highly decorated musicians, most notably, a Grammy. But once the song was finished, Ryan did not feel a connection to it. It felt inauthentic to him, so it was scraped and he went back to the drawing board.

“Please Don’t Burn The Sage” is now the gritty, honest, and personal track it needed to be. This version was recorded at the home studios of Ryan Yingst and Shane Weisman, both located in Nashville TN. Sean Cho mastered the project at +/- Recording in Pittsburgh PA. The final product is just the way it should be.

If you like artists like Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers, and The Shins, then this artist and song are perfect for you. Check out “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” by Ryan Yingst, which is available on all streaming platforms now.

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