Sadie Nix produces Hollywood gold with “Tell Me”

Heartbreak never sounded so good

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Sadie Nix releases her 4th single, “Tell Me.” The pop-rock ballad leaves us with the feeling of a romantic drama film that just ended, and we are watching the credits roll. The main couple of the movie is there in the background with a montage of all the trials and tribulations that they went through. Not only does this song give a thematic feel, but you can also tell the feelings Sadie put behind it are authentic.

“Tell Me” is an original song written and performed by Sadie and produced by Arthur Pingrey. “Tell Me” features vulnerable lyrics that are delivered through Sadie’s strong and emotive vocals. Sadie Nix had this to say about the process of creating the song.

“I started writing this more as a piano ballad but was really inspired listening to big end-credit songs and decided to take a slightly different approach. Working with Arthur Pingrey as my producer, who has not only worked with artists such as Flo Rida and Norah Jones but also has produced music for 8 Oscar-nominated or winning films really helped elevate my vision and elevate my sound.” – Sadie Nix

Sadie Nix an American living the UK dream

Usually, that phrase is the opposite. But, Sadie Nix has given us a different perspective.  Sadie is an American artist that is currently living in Brighton, England (we hear it is gorgeous in Brighton). The up-and-coming pop/alternative artist started writing songs and singing at a young age. Unfortunately, life took her down a different path and that was not her main focus. Like a lot of people, the pandemic gave Sadie Nix some time to be retrospective. She took the time during quarantine to start focusing on writing and recording her own music. Now at the age of 38, Sadie Nix has life experience behind her and a blooming music career ahead of her.

Sadie Nix“Tell Me” the story of heartbreak

While age is just a number, for songwriting it is a leg up against other artists. Sadie Nix is able to draw from life experiences that other indie artists have yet to encounter. As a result, the lyrics will resonate with a wider audience.

Sadie Nix has a deep and smooth vocal range. Influenced by artists like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift; Sadie is able to do something similar to these powerhouses. Deliver the emotion, with the lyrics and vocals.

The production of this song is not over the top. It allows you to live in the vocals. Once you listen, it is easy to replay the time in your life that this song fits perfectly. You also could picture that movie or television show that gave you these same feelings.

I’m a writer. I find inspiration in many things. But before I was a writer, I personally worked in the music industry. Only a handful of times can I remember a song that made me want to sit down and write. I want to write a story about this couple. Sadie Nix was able to bring that feeling out for me.

Take a chance on Sadie. She is a dreamer, just like all of us. She deserves to be heard. Stream “Tell Me” at all the usual places, now.


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