Salt Ashes is close to a “Heart Attack”

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Salt AshesLondon based artist Salt Ashes has released “Heart Attack” and we are quite into it. The electronic dance track has an infectious pre-chorus and relatable lyrics. I am a sucker for the earwormy hooks that get stuck in your head and excitedly lead you into the chorus drop; and Heart Attack delivers.

A clear standout here is the beat, it gives mid-2000s dance track; there is a hint of Jessica Simpson “Irresistible” here, but if Lady Gaga had a hand in the making of the track.

Salt Ashes soundtracks the crippling sensation of longing for someone, creating something more personal in every way.

Pop musics’ take on love is one of my favorites. Artists are allowed to get their pain out in anyway they see fit, and Salt Ashes went with an Avril Lavigne meets Lady Gaga vibe that gives you strong visuals paired with anthemic dance beats. The 3:10 track was originally released on February 14th and has since had its music video debut.

The video is a well-shot and lit room where Ashes poses with a beautiful man as she longs for a strong, and deeper connection. The desire to really be seen and have a love that is permanent and forever lasting is the fairy told we were all sold, and this version is really fun.

I want to die a thousand
Cuz you kill me with a look

Be sure to give this track and their other releases, such as “Didn’t See It Coming” and “Body Says” today if you’re into that dark-pop fantasy world; you’ll 100% be adding this to your own playlists.

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