Samantha Gibb has us “Tongue Tied”

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Samantha GibbIndie artist Samantha Gibb has released their latest single, “Tongue Tied,” and the track is best described as… groovy as hell. I really love this one and think you guys will, too. The soft-rock mixed with electro-pop ties paired with Gibb’s incredible vocals creates a journey.

Tongue Tied” starts off with a Phil Collins vibe, in the best way. Atmospheric and large. When the chorus hits, the tempo picks up and it becomes that track that your body can’t help but start to sway. The Nashville, TN based artist sings about love in all of it’s forms; regardless of the weird barriers that humans have put on it.

When asked about the track, Gibb’s said;

“This song is about how love truly is the universal language that connects us all, and this song aims to bring people together through its message of acceptance and love.”

One of my favorite parts is how large the track becomes by the final chorus. An important ingredient in pop music is the additional layers that bleed into the track as the vocalist gets more into it; this song nails that. The lyrics are also really fun, they never stray from the story Gibb’s is telling and the theme of Captain of the sea is interesting.

“Cause we could stay up all night
This love you got me feeling has me tongue tied
Tipsy when I kiss your lips
But it’s all right
I can be your captain while we cruise
Cause I just want to sail away with you

Give “Tongue Tied“a listen and I guarantee the chorus will be stuck in your head all day. The single is now available worldwide.

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