Samantha LaPorta – Lies Are Your Truth

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Samantha LaPorta

Have you wanted a modern-day Avril Lavigne? Look no further than Nashville based Samantha LaPorta who has just launched her newest music delivery with “Lies Are Your Truth“.

The Artist

Samantha’s belief in the power of music to reflect who we are and connect with our community shines through in her work. Having been discovered by Radio Disney at a young age, she has already achieved great success in the industry, writing, performing, and even hosting on the platform. However, it is during the COVID-19 pandemic that Samantha began to experiment with edgier styles of music, leading to her latest project “Lies Are Your Truth“.

The Song

“Lies Are Your Truth” is the latest single from Samantha LaPorta and in the same vein as what I would assume Evanescence would release in 2023, Samantha encapsulates that energy that leaves you wanting more and more of her fantastic voice and songwriting.

Samantha’s songwriting, music, and delivery are a testament to her talent as a songwriter. Teaming up with the LA-based Magnolia Studios, Samantha has worked alongside producers Grammy Award winner Jamie Jones, along with Matt Wong, to bring her vision to life. The result is a cohesive and sonically engaging collection of tracks that showcase Samantha’s evolution as an artist.

It is no mistake that the world has seen what Samantha has to offer with over three million streams on streaming services. There is no doubt in my mind that Samantha will continue to shine in her field and overtake the greats of her genre.

The Conclusion

Samantha LaPorta has been at this for a while, and she has done a spectacular job showcasing her talents but “Lies Are Your Truth” is a standout amongst her fantastic discography. Samantha and her band will be touring to promote her music with support from BMI, Pandora, and Radio, so keep an eye on her socials to see her in a city near you!

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