Samuel Herb plants and sings “To the Trees”

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Samuel Herb has released his latest single, “To the Trees.” In honor of Earth Day, the single was released on April 22nd, 2023. The single is mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Adam Grover. A tribute to nature and a way to give back to the planet, Samuel will plant a tree for every 1,000 streams. In partnership with One Tree Planted, Samuel is also planting one tree for every piece of merchandise that is sold from his store.

“To the Trees” is true to Samuel’s signature Americana sound. But, also Samuel’s signature way is, giving back to Mother Nature. In 2020, his single “Just a Tree” was released. That is when his tree-planting initiative came to life. Since then, Samuel and his fans have planted nearly 1,000 trees.

“I hope people are feeling extra Earthy and want to say hi “To the Trees” with me! I wanted to thank the trees for always being there to give fresh air and never telling my secrets while I talk to myself in the woods; feels like a lot of people have related to it while I was out on the road with the 502s.” – Samuel Herb

Samuel Herb

Who is Samuel Herb?

Samuel Herb is originally from Jacksonville, FL but moved to Nashville, TN in 2016. That is where he fell in love with Americana music. He placed second in American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyric Contest and his budding musical career started then. His debut song, “Dirty,” has been streamed over 40k times on all streaming platforms and earned his first Top 10 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. His follow-up single “Someone Else’s Dream” and self-titled debut EP also earned him spots on the Top 10 iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

Also earning popularity on radio, Samuel Herb has been played on Nashville’s Lightning 100, 99.1 WQIK Jacksonville, 99.9 Gator Country Jacksonville, FL,  and WMOT Roots Radio Middle Tennessee.  He has also expanded and is played on several small European stations. Limewire made its return and Samuel Herb was featured as one of the first five Limewire “LimeLight” artists. He was also the top-grossing NFT artist in Limewire’s first week back.

This one is for the trees

I’m not sure why, but when I think of music that is dedicated to nature, I immediately think of an Americana or Folk singer. The feeling you get when you listen to someone who is playing an acoustic guitar and tellings stories while singing… just screams Earth to me. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Samuel Herb is the perfect artist to man this helm. He has a rich tone that draws you in and an uncanny way to tell a story. You would think as his second song about trees, Samuel was writing about them specially. But no, he has turned the tree into the ultimate metaphor for love.

“To the Trees” is a song for anyone that cares for Mother Earth. We now are charged with proving we care about her as well. It is time to stream “To the Trees” non-stop or go over a purchase some merch. Let’s plant some trees!

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