Sarah Mickey gives Pop/Rock greatness on “Without”

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Sarah MickeyUp-and-coming Alt/Pop star Sarah Mickey has released her debut single, “Without”. The New York based artist pulled inspiration from some of the most iconic women in the Pop/Rock category, Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne. “Without” is an up-beat track that has hints of nostalgia while not succumbing to the current trend in pop, which is simply to recycle.

While this is her first solo single, she co-released a song titled Hair Care with fellow New-Yorkers Jordan Popky and Adam Tilzer. Her introduction into the music industry has been one of absolute promise; there is a clear vision and the music and creative direction is top notch. My favorite part of this track is how it grows and changes direction after setting a more somber tone.

“Without”, lyrically, is a love song. The question that everyone asks themselves when they are desperately in love; how the heck am I supposed to do this without you? Mickey’s vocals are strong and vulnerable, her range is incredible. Some of my favorite lyrics from the track are…

So now, honey
Tell me
What I’m supposed to do
How I’m supposed to move

I am a sucker for a good love song, it just makes me feel. Regardless if I’m in a happy, healthy relationship or single and loving myself… tracks that create that “desire” for passion will always make my personal playlists.

Not only did Mickey release her debut single, she also announced her debut EP, “Imposter Syndrome” is going to be dropping this May. I know I’m looking forward to hearing what the record sounds like, the lead is clearly a hit.

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