Screwed: The Debut Single That Never Was (Twice)

Since I'm Already Screwed... Here's an Article For You

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Hilary Duff

The Introduction

Remember when we could watch Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie live ‘The Simple Life’ on their Fox reality television show between 2003-2007? Cause I do (in my Britney Voice). In 2004, Paris Hilton threatened and announced she would be pursuing a musical career. Paris was on a high, a hit TV show, a hit video, and on the cover of every magazine. She was famous for being famous way before Kim what’s her face copied and pasted Paris’ success (We’ll discuss her song at some point I’m sure).

In 2004, Paris Hilton announced she would begin work on her debut album. Legendary writer Kara DioGuardi presented a song titled “Screwed” to Paris. Kara confirmed this in an interview where she described her process of being a songwriter for the stars, having penned tracks for Kylie Minogue, Ashlee Simpson, and Hilary Duff (to name a few). Kara stated “I wrote ‘Come Clean’ with John [Shanks] and we changed some of the lyrics for Hilary. ‘Pieces of Me’ we all did together. ‘Screwed’ for Paris was something we pitched to her. Paris then announced the song and said it was her first single!

From there… sh!+ hit the fan


Wannabe Hollywood star Haylie Duff (the less superior sibling of the legendary Hilary Duff) was also in the midst of recording her debut album with Hollywood Records (allegedly called ‘Walk The Walk’). Keep in mind, this is after Haylie wrote several songs for two of Hilary’s albums (including the Metamorphosis track ‘Sweet Sixteen‘ and ‘Inner Strength‘ as well as ‘Mr. James Dean‘, ‘Haters‘ and ‘The Last Song‘ on Hilary’s self-titled third album).

Haylie would go on to record “Our Lips Are Sealed” alongside Hilary for the film ‘A Cinderella Story’ where she also sang the Diane Warren penned track “One In This World” (imagine being a nobody sister to a Disney scarlet and then getting to record a Diane Warren song).

Well, Haylie then announced that “Screwed” was actually intended to be the first single from her debut album. Can you imagine one song being released by two people as their debut single from their debut album at or around the same time? It most certainly has never happened before. Well — the two allegedly went to court over the song (though there are no court records).

Well — Paris Whitney Hilton was not having that and she quickly presented the song to a Florida radio station who played Paris’ version on air. This version may or may not have been on my iPod until it’s eventual release in 2006.

Why Do We Care / The Conclusion

2004-2006 was a time to be alive, it really truly was. I was continuously awaiting news of a brawl on Hollywood Blvd between Paris and Haylie (where Paris obviously won). Paris did eventually end up winning because Haylie’s debut album was never released, and she was (rightfully) dismissed from the Hollywood Records roaster.

Paris would go on to rerecord the song for inclusion on her debut Warner Brothers Records album titled Paris (because why wouldn’t it be self-titled?). The post the other day which reviews Paris’ DJ remix album really did it for me, then the song came on shuffle, and this is where this song post comes from!

It’s no kind of anniversary, nothing special about it on this date… I just needed this piece of history to be revisited because how dare the less superior Duff THINK she would be given a song meant for Paris?

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