Sekinue releases beautiful debut single “Knives”

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Sekinue has released their debut single, “Knives,” a gorgeous track that is lead by a harp and soft, beautiful vocals. While we normally cover high-energy music, “Knives” is a gorgeous pieces of art that caught our ear. Sekinue is a harpist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and isn’t afraid to explore the struggles of everyday existence.

“Knives” was produced by Nick Williams (Night House), Ellie Ford and Sekinue and has a rawness to it. The music sounds like it belongs in film, I could easily see this as the music that leads a horror or romance scene; it’s versatile and a true display of masterful talent. The lyrics hit like poetry and the delivery is what turns them into lyrics; there are so many layers to this track. It’s one you must truly listen to for yourself to understand why it’s so good.

Sekinue took a moment to describe the process of making the record;

“When Nick Williams (Night House) and Ellie Ford approached me about recording a single, I jumped at the opportunity. Recording a song in a studio was definitely a leap into the unknown for me, but I couldn’t have been paired with a better duo. Ellie’s expert harp knowledge combined with Nick’s flare for arrangement brought my music to life in a way I’d never heard before. My first iteration of Knives was recorded in one take, in a bathroom, by aspiring producer Ehkoplex Sound. I wanted to keep this innate rawness and honesty in the studio version, and it definitely paid off.”

“Knives” is now available on all DSPs.

Listen Now:

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