Shakira finally drops “Copa Vacia”

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ShakiraShakira has released her long awaited “Copa Vacia” (“Empty Cup”). The track continues to tell the story about her troubled relationship with Gerard Pique. In this chapter Shakira sings about a guy that doesnt give the singer the attention she deserves, treating her very coldly and leaving her craving for his affection. She is thristy for love but she is surrounded by emptiness.

A very disappointed Shakira croons in the newly revealed lyrics:

“Estas mas frio que el mes de Enero. Pido calor y no das mas que hielo”

Translated in English;

“You are colder than the month of January. I want heat but you only give me ice”

Midway through the song, the Colombian singer is joined by compatriot Manuel Turizo; who accompanies her in her melancholic feelings singing:

“Yo no soy mecanico pero trato de areglarlo y no funciona. Reanimando un corazon que no reacciona”

Translated in English;

“I’m not a mechanic but I try to fix it and it doesn’t work. Resuscitating a heart that does not react”

In the video for “Copa Vacia” Shakira is a stunning pink-haired mermaid surrounded by an habitat full of trash. She is trapped in a very depressive looking place and is also at one point suspended mid air with her body tied to a rope. Which I personally interpret as a methaphor of whats left of that relationship and the pain she has endured through it. The clip is a visual masterpiece and was co-directed by the Colombian singer herself along with Jaume de Laiguana.

Sonically the song has a very moody pop/reggaeton vibe to it with the chorus being one of the strongest parts of the composition. Its not as catchy and fierce as previous hits like “Te felicito” and her “Bizzarap collab“. It leaves me a tad empty, wanting for something more. But the new theme is no doubt going to continue to generate interest in Shakira who has struck gold in her musical career with her break up to Pique.

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