Shakira love saga to continue with “Copa Vacia”

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Shakira has been making quite a bit of noise recently due to her break up with Gerard Pique. She has released a string of singles aimed at her rocky relationship with the soccer star including “Te Felicito,” “Monotonía,” her fierce bizzarap and Carol G collab TQG. They completely wiped the floor clean with Pique; with ferocious lyrics directed at him and his new girlfriend Clara Chía. She also released a ballad called “Acrostico” where she finds strenght and true love in her 2 children.

Shakira is set to keep the momentum going with a new single titled “Copa Vacía” with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo. The song has suffered of several leaks including a fragment of the track, a rumored cover art and a short clip of the video where she plays a mermaid.

In the urban oriented song, Shakira sings to a guy, which fans were quick to assume its still aimed at Pique. The leaked lyrics go as follow:

“Hace rato tengo sed de ti yo no sé porque. Tengo ganas de más y queriendo beber de una Copa Vacía”

(English translation)
“I’ve been thirsty for you for a while. I don’t know why. I want more and want to drink from an empty cup.”

Shakira made the song official on her social media last week with a stunning mermaid teaser and a new clip of the music video which finds the “Waka Waka” singer surfing the waters like the complete pro she is. She also revealed new lyrics that go as follows:

“Siempre estás ocupado con tanto negocio. Estaría bien mi amor un poquito de ocio. Relájate aquí en el sofá y dame tu atención.

(English translation)
“Always busy with so much business. It would be nice my love a bit of leisure. Relax here in the sofá and give me your attention”

Is Shakira about to release a summer bop? Looks like it. We are ready to keep following the singer on her love adventures whenever she is ready.

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