Shania Twain covers Harry Styles’ “Falling”

This is part of her Spotify Singles album

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Shania Twain covers two songs and reworks her own in the latest session of Spotify Singles. The Queen of Country Pop is not shy about sharing her love for the British-born singer, Harry Styles. Most recently she was seen celebrating him during the 2023 Brit Awards when she presented Harry with Song of the Year.

Her Spotify Singles session includes a broken-down version of her song “Queen of Me.” This version gives it more of a country vibe and showcases the acoustic guitar. Shania also did her own rendition of “Spoonful” by Howlin’ Wolf. Her recording features her deep rasp, giving us a red-hot spoonful of vocals.

Shania Twain covers Harry Styles

Shania Twain covers “Falling”

Shania is known mostly for her upbeat, fun songs. “Man I feel like a Woman” always gets me going! But her ballads set her apart. Recently Shania hasn’t been quiet about wanting to cover, “Falling.” Let me tell you, it brought me back to her days of “Forever and Always” and “When You Kiss Me.” She makes the song her own. You can hear the vulnerability and pain in her version, it truly is a masterpiece.

Coachella brings Shania and Harry together

Harry Styles headlined Coachella 2022. But one of the biggest highlights of the weekend was when he brought Shania Twain on stage. In her interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Shania admits that she didn’t expect the reception she received.

“I didn’t realize the significance of that moment,” she added. “I just saw it as a moment to get together with Harry, but I didn’t see it as such a landmark moment… It was such a wonderful surprise, everyone’s reaction.”

One thing I know is, Shania and Harry could sing the telephone book (do you know what that is?) and I would be a fan. Make sure to check out Shania’s Spotify Singles!

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