Singer/Actress Jerusha Wants To Play “Monopoly”

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Jerusha MonopolyMeet Jerusha; she is an Actress (Atlanta), Broadway star (7 Time Tony nominated The Prom) and singer — which is what we’re here to share today.

Her latest release, “Monopoly,” is an exciting pop track with incredibly catchy hooks. If you are alive, there is a 99% chance that you are familiar with the board game and its goal of bankrupting everyone while you collect more and more land and it takes hours. The perfect amount of time to plan a secret rendezvous.

Come roll the dice with me, everybody wants a bite of me, learn to take your time with me

The songs’ fun lyrics matched with its dance-ready beat is the perfect recipe for an amazing pop track. The purpose of pop music (in my opinion) is to live out your fantasies, play a role and have fun; Jerusha accomplished all three on this track. Released on February 17, 2023 the song has already gained traction on Spotify with over 20,000 streams and, in my opinion, will keep growing until it’s an undeniable hit.

It’s always fun to see an artist at the beginning of their career, especially when they have so much promise. Jerusha’s vocals are soft, beautiful and can carry multiple genres of music; that is not something everybody can do. For now, I highly suggest that everyone take a moment and give this song a listen; I sincerely believe that after 30 seconds you will be adding it to your library and own playlists.

So, who wants to play Monopoly?

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