Singer/Songwriter Steve Dennis releases “Run Down”

A story about having no control and letting go

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Steve Dennis began playing music in his teens and over the past 1o years’ has begun to focus solely on his music career. A New England native (Go Sox!), Steve has performed at hundreds of venues across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire.  One of his favorite venues to play at is The Press Room in Portsmouth, NH.

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis and his new single, “Run Down.”

Released on April 7th, “Run Down” is the story of witnessing the heartbreak of one of your idols and watching them give up on themselves. In the end, it is something you don’t have any control over, even if you want to help. Overall the song is about growing up and coming to terms with what that means.

“Run Down” was recorded remotely from many different cities across the US. Mixed by Jamie Mefford (Gregory Alan Isakov), and mastered by David Glasser (Dave Matthews Band). Produced by Steve Dennis and Alex Calabrese. Instrumentation/vocals from Adam Monaco (banjo, bass, keys), Andrew Toy (drums), Alex Calabrese (vocal), Harley Eblen (strings), Jacob McCurdy (vocal), Maggie Pope (vocal), Rachel Bell (accordion).

When Steve is asked about his career, his answer is often; “I’m just happy to be here.” His passion for music is heard throughout the song and the song has a vulnerable take.

“I’m not usually vulnerable in my music (funnily enough), but this song just brought it out. So I’d love to share my story with as many ears as I can.” – Steve Dennis

His influences can be heard on this track which includes; Gregory Alan Isakov, John Mayer, Jackson Browne, and, Jack Johnson. One name he doesn’t mention but I can hear throughout is another New England native singer/songwriter; Ryan Montbleau. Is there something in the water in New England? Where does all this talent come from?

Check out Steve’s new single below. Be prepared to listen to his other single, “Lighthouse Inn“, you’ll want to… immediately.


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