“So Funny It Hurts,” a new podcast from American Idol’s Mikalah Gordon

The first guest is the infamous Perez Hilton

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Mikalah Gordon has released a new podcast called, “So Funny It Hurts.” The first episode was released on Wednesday the 12th of April. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. Let’s get this out of the way… it was FABULOUS (if you know, you are an OG fan!)!

Mikalah Gordon - So Funny It HurtsIt has been a long time (18 years) since Mikalah Gordon graced our television screens on American Idol. Since that time she has never stopped working in the entertainment industry. Mikalah has guest starred on multiple television franchises (‘Living with Fran,’ ‘The Unit’), and even tried her luck on reality tv one more time on CMT’s ‘Gone Country.

One thing Mikalah has always been great at, since American Idol Season 4, was hosting. That isn’t to say her musical ability is lacking. Because that is the farthest thing from the truth. Check out her latest album “Vivian” and become a mega fan with me. You may have caught Mikalah hosting on TV Guide, maybe on the ‘Tyra Banks Show,” or even on her own show ‘American Idol Extra.” Recently she has been a regular on The CW hosting a variety of shows including the new “Totally Weird and Funny” airing on Saturdays.

For four years, Mikalah was the host of “The Morning Beat,” a morning news show on the first national LGBTQ+ radio station Channel Q. Unfortunately, with the current state of the economy, Mikalah joined a lot of other people in sharing their layoff news. But, that is all water under the bridge.

“So Funny It Hurts” brings laughter to mental health discussions

One thing we have learned over the years, the funniest people are often the ones who hide their issues. Mikalah, a comedian, has been very open on social media about her life. She has often discussed her anxiety and also her visits with a therapist. From that, “So Funny It Hurts” was born. A podcast that will bring on some of your favorite comedians/public figures and discuss the vulnerable side of their jobs. Here is the synopsis:

Is laughter truly the best medicine? It has become a challenge to navigate through these modern times with social media, politics, cancel culture, and life after a pandemic. Self proclaimed trauma queen and comedian Mikalah Gordon interviews your favorite funny people and explores the trauma that made them that way. Laugh til you cry or cry til you laugh, conversations about mental health, may just be what the doctor ordered.

so funny it hurts

The first episode of “So Funny It Hurts” has Mikalah interviewing celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton. Perez has notoriously been considered a bully amongst the elite in Hollywood. But, he has turned over a new leaf. Becoming a father and self-reflecting has allowed Perez to change. But, not a lot of people believe it.

Mikalah asks some deep questions, including personal life, past trauma, and even his children. But Perez gives Mikalah some time to shine as well. He asks her about her life and trauma and Mikalah handled that like the pro host she is. Overall the first episode was great. It allowed us to learn about our host and get an idea of the heavy-hitting questions she will ask her guests.

Check out the first episode of “So Funny It Hurts” below and let us know what you think!

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