Stephen Lind looks good from the ‘Nosebleeds’

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Stephen LindFollowing the success of his latest track ‘3,2,1’LA-based gay pop artist Stephen Lind releases a new addition to every pop lover sonic arsenal.

Lind is once again drawing listeners in with his new angsty dance/pop single ‘Nosebleeds’.

Produced by Taylor Sparks (best known for his work with Kelsea Ballerini, Keith Urban and Neon Hitch) and written by both Lind and Sparks, ‘Nosebleeds’ is a second track off his upcoming project ‘Pity Party’.

The song alone stands out in the pop landscape, from the opening beat to the final drop – it’s a wild ride, that will leave you spellbound. With its unforgettable hook, building tempos and infectious energy, Nosebleeds gets stuck in your head for days. Blending elements of dance, electronic, and club music, the song is an eclectic mix of pop at its finest. And everyone loves a good fusion 😉 !

Cause you love me less
And I loved you best
But in time we fell through
I said f*** the rest
You got up and left
I’ll save a ticket for you

The theme of this song seemingly revolves around a personal experience. The lyrics suggest a falling-out between Stephen and someone he once considered a close friend, until it became evident that this person had ulterior motives.

An extremely relatable and common human experience. Sometimes, people who claim to care about you and support you, may not genuinely want to see you grow. The second they see you shine, they flip up, using your vulnerabilities and insecurities against you. Luckily for us, in this case it made up for one hell of a good song.

”How do I look from the nosebleeds baby?”

The concept of looking from the “nosebleeds” metaphorically symbolizes the distance and disconnection from the other person’s life.

The song serves as a message of Stephen’s feelings towards this individual as he declares his independence from such toxic relationships.

Lind’s creativity knows no bounds, as demonstrated by this one of a kind certified club-ready anthem.

The journey leading up to the release of his new project ‘Pity Party’ (out next year) promises to be extraordinary. And we’ll make sure to be around. Save a ticket for us!

‘Nosebleeds’ is NOW available worldwide via ppl pleaser records (an AWAL affiliate).

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