Tara MacLean releases album “Sparrow”

Soundtrack to the memoir "Song of the Sparrow"

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Tara MacLean and “Song of the Sparrow”

Tara MacLean

Tara MacLean, Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter,  released her debut memoir, “Song of the Sparrow” on March 14th. While the memoir is a journey through love, grief, and personal growth, Tara puts a poetic twist on it which her fans have come to expect. Her memoir has become a national bestseller and has received praise from many musicians and authors.

“Tara MacLean’s Song of the Sparrow is an honest insight into her life and how her creative process has allowed her to not only survive, but soar!”. — Bryan Adams

“This rare marvel of a memoir is instantly engaging and fiercely gripping — but also like having coffee with a friend, one who happens to be fascinating, talented, and full of stories about the music industry, life on the road, and what it’s like inside the star-making machinery. Everyone, read this book! Then return to it over and over to remind you of why life, despite its hardship and despair, is beautiful.” — Marissa Stapley, New York Times bestselling author of Lucky

Tara MacLean

“Sparrow” is the soundtrack to the memoir

The 10-track album is a combination of past work and new. Tara MacLean has taken the songs she wrote and performed in her youth, and has reworked them with a different perspective. Survival and growth have become the theme of these songs. When many of them were written, she was still living through the turmoil she discusses in her memoir.

“Creating the Sparrow album was an epic adventure in a time machine into the past, I knew I had to make this record when I began writing my memoir and it was important to choose songs that were significant in changing my life, either publicly, or internally as a songwriter.

Reimagining songs I’d written as a girl, and rerecording them as a woman, gave me novel perspective not only on how much I have grown as a writer and singer, but also insight into my psyche and the way I used music to help me survive. We also recorded new songs that are some of my favourites I’ve ever written, I can’t wait to release and play them live – songs aren’t complete until they are shared.” – Tara MacLean

Tara MacLean is still finding poetry in life

The album was recorded at Lake Echo in Nova Scotia, the studio of producer Daniel Ledwell. Together, Ledwell and MacLean took in the peaceful surroundings and created the soundtrack of a life that was tumultuous, exciting, and heartbreaking. The duo pieced together emotions and healed a soul.

As of today, Tara has released 2 singles from the album. The first, “Sparrow” has an Americana feel and explores strength and resilience. The second, “Let Her Feel The Rain” is one of the re-imagined songs on the album. This is the track that started her career. She was discovered by a music industry executive while performing it on a ferry. What followed was a record and publishing deal.

Whether you are a fan already of Tara MacLean or just a fan of music, you should check out her memoir. It tells the story of how music saved her life; which many music lovers can relate to. If you are new to her journey, this is the type of album you want to listen to front to back and in order; she tells a story and the impact hits with this well-thought-out tracklist.

Sparrow Track List

1. Sparrow
2. Lay Here In The Dark
3. If I Fall
4. That’s Me
5. Let Her Feel The Rain
6. Things Outstanding
7. Last Kiss
8. Divided
9. Evidence
10. Silence

“Sparrow” is available on all streaming platforms now. Catch MacLean on tour this spring and summer throughout the US, EU, UK, and Canada. Dates will be announced on her social media.

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