the artist ren – “Under the Bleachers”

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the artist renthe artist ren has released their debut EP, “Under the Bleachers” and the soft, bedroom pop record is a must-listen for all pop fans. The self-written project was produced at Dramakaze Studios in Joshua Tree, CA; and it sounds like a California made record; if that makes sense. There is a softness and confidence that is wrapped in a pretty, pink package; but it’s lyrical content has an honesty and rawness to it that isn’t quite expected at first glance.

The record is a reflection of a teenage girls’ experience through COVID; the “I’m scared of being alone” to the “my cat is my only friend” and the constant uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring was… a lot. Their inspiration comes from a slew of familiar and indie-artist, including Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, Men I Trust and Bastille.

When asked to describe their records sound, they said;

“Under the Bleachers reflects the anxiety, loneliness and emotions brought about by the Covid lockdown. Bleachers is also a double-entendre for [my] favorite K-Pop band Blitzers (pronounced Bleachers).”

The Los Angeles based artist has yet to take their show on the road but are working on forming a band and expect to be performing at venues in Hollywood in 2023. It would be really interesting to see how this record transfers into a live show; the music is fantastic but it lives in the world of “electro-pop.” Incorporating a live band would bring a new life to this music and we’re excited to see where and when their debut takes place.

Under the Bleachers” is now available worldwide.

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