The Banquets release ‘Cold War’

Strange people without a fight...

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The Banquets

One thing you probably haven’t gathered is that despite my hyper-focused obsession with writing about Pop music, I enjoy a bit of indie-alt music as well — and no, I will not be taking any questions on the matter!

I am so pleased to have stumbled across The Banquets and their new song ‘Cold War’ because it gives me the kind of thrill I want to feel in a mellowed-out bubble bath (with candles). The UK band, founded in 2019, has come together to release some really spectacular music.

The Song

The song is moody, the song is 3 minutes and 42 seconds (we love) and the song was released on the greatest day of the year (my birthday!!)

“Cold War” delves into the internal conflict experienced by everyone, exploring the tension between the desire to maintain purity and goodness versus the inclination to indulge in life’s pleasures.

This theme of conflicting virtues and vices is relatable and speaks to the universal human struggle, at least for me anyway. Furthermore, the track captures the essence of the unique and peculiar times we live in, especially in a world full of tension.

The Band

There is a reason they’ve been referred to as “a modern-day Fleetwood Mac” because I can hear the same angst and slight desperation in songs from Rumours. In listening to their general discography, there are a lot of things that I love to see!

In their music, they talk about real issues and real topics, including sexuality (in ‘Mary Mary’), addiction (in ‘Red Sky Morning’), and the death of a parent (‘Two Little Acorns’) to name a few specifically, but they also have the quasi-political/societal anthems “What Ya Saying” and “Restless” to give us a full spectrum of topics and deliver listeners important messages.

Most recently, the band has been featured on BBC’s Introducing which highlighted the band’s release of the very song we’re talking about and the segment showcased why this band is on the rise!


The band ison the rise in 2023 and you need to get into it! The band has promised to deliver six singles every six weeks for 2023. Considering we’re about halfway through the year, something tells me the best is yet to come!! In November the band will tour in the United Kingdom (specifically in Whitby, York, Leeds, and Doncaster) ahead of their December EP release!

My bubbles, my bath, and my admiration for their craft is ready!

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