The Kid Laroi – What Just Happened?

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Australian rapper The Kid Laroi has released his new song “What Just Happened” his latest offering from his debut album “The First Time” which is slated to be released on 10 November 2023 (this is not a Kim Petras situation where he has three debut albums, his prior releases are actual mixtapes).

I’ve been on a Kid Laroi trip these past few days discovering his music at random (yes, I’m aware of the trending TikTok song “Stay” which is fantastic) but his music often effortlessly combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop something we here at EarWorms loves to hear.

“What Just Happened” follows his progression of crafting songs with emotionally charged music, and connecting with a broad and diverse audience. You really wouldn’t expect a small-town guy from Georgia to connect with someone so significantly young singing a song in a style I am not super familiar with, but everything I need to know is there.

I would say my only complaint is the length of the song, it comes in at a whopping 2 minutes and 42 seconds! With that being said, I am excited to see what his upcoming project (that he has been teasing for over a year) will sound like.

You can watch the trailer for The Kid Laroi’s new album by going on his website.

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