The Pink Nostalgia needs some “Space & Time”

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The Pink Nostalgia The Pink Nostalgia released the first single from their upcoming EP, Youth & Observation, titled “Space & Time.” The soft-rock, 80’s vibe is a track that shines light on the journey a lot LGBTQ+ people go through, who am I? The need for Space & Time to really digest your wants, desires and identity can be hard to claim, but it’s incredibly important.

One of the things that stood out to me on my first listen was the vocals. The rich tone paired with the soft delivery makes the track shine. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I love when all versions and experiences get a platform. These types of songs may not make one scream “slayyyy” but it will make you feel seen and provide some sort of comfort that you are not alone; and I love that. That is equally as important.

When asked to describe what this track meant to them, they said:

“‘Space & Time’, is pure Indie Pop. To me, it’s like a polaroid of where I am now – an upbeat yet candid and reflective song looking back at my life, and loving who I am now.”

The lyrics, also featured on the artwork (which is fun), are versatile and send off an “American Dream” by Khalid vibe. Finding yourself is a really, really tough journey; especially in todays climate. Artists like The Pink Nostalgia help give those who need it and alternative perspective and sound.

I’ve been changing
I’ve been questioning
Youth and my existence

So if you’re looking for some easy-breezy music to add to your library, I’d highly suggest adding Space & Time!

Listen Now:

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