The Saxophones New Single “Desert Flower”

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The Saxophones (Oakland,CA), comprised of married duo Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, have developed a unique and distinct sound that sets them apart from other bands. Their music is a blend of arch, hazy, and deadpan crypto-jazz style, where Erenkov showcases his singing and instrumental skills on various instruments such as flutes, guitars, and saxophones. They are set to release a new album titled To Be A Cloud later this year, following their 2020 release Eternity Bay. The first single from the album, “Desert Flower,” features Erenkov’s baritone voice and Alderdice’s soft backing vocals layered over reverb-heavy music that feels like it could belong in a dream sequence of a movie. The song ends with Erenkov saying, “This is going to be a weird record.”

Watch the music video, directed by Rainbow Tunnel, below.

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