“The World’s First Super Model” Janice Dickinson tells us to Get Into It!

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Janice Dickinson is a well-known public figure to certain demographics; millennials and older generations all know the name. From her days as a frequent cover star of Vogue Magazine to her stint on “America’s Next Top Model”, she was everywhere… and we like it that way. The polarizing figure has been the spark of many conversations, some good and some bad. But overall, she is a bonafide star.

The Model/TV host (Oxygens ‘The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’) has now set her sights on the dance music scene. Her debut single “I Coined It” was released in 2022, and now she is back with “Get Into It!” The club-ready, pulsing track is the perfect anthem for a night when you are wanting to let loose and potentially… just live a bit more than you normally would.

The Brooklyn born artist sings an earwormy chant behind a runway ready track. The song is beat-heavy and has the producer (I assume) featured along side with her to provide and extra layer of energy. There is a hint of disco influence when you hear the “Get Into It” power note; it’s really fun. This is 100% a track for the gays, though… So if you aren’t into music that could be heard on a CW show just as easily as it could be the soundtrack to your local neighborhood orgy, this track might not be for you, and that’s okay.

While Ms. Dickinson is known for her blunt criticism, incredible modeling ability and stealing Donald Trumps’ limo once, I encourage you to check out this track. We love seeing women succeed in multiple avenues in varying stages of their life!

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